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About Dale Health Weight Loss

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The Idea

The idea for Dale Health began with our resident GP, who after many years of working in a busy General Practice, found herself increasingly focused on helping patients who had been previously unable to lose weight, or unable to keep it off. Many of her patients understood the general principles underpinning healthy eating and exercise, and yet they didn't seem able to integrate them into their lives. They knew what they 'should do' and yet seemed unable to do it. While exercise and nutrition advice is obviously an essential component of any weight management program, our resident GP believed that more was needed.

Multi-disciplinary Health Team

At Dale Health we are a multi-disciplinary health team who specialise in weight management. Our core team consists of a Specialist GP, Psychologist and Exercise Physiologist, while we partner with Dieticians and additional Medical Specialists to bring a comprehensive and individually designed approach to weight management.

Our Values

In addition to being governed by professional codes of conduct, at Dale Health we have a set of core underpinning values that drive how we operate. These values underpin everything that we do, and as such, represent our commitment to our patients.


We operate from evidence based (research) foundations in all that we offer, and act with honesty, courage, and openness in all that we do. This means that we are not swayed by fads or popular opinion when they are in conflict with the science, but we will pursue novel and innovative solutions where research suggests it appropriate to do so.


We take responsibility for all of our actions and for the quality of our services. We ensure that we understand our patients' expectations of us, and that our patients understand our expectations of them. We honour our obligations, we do not make false promises and always deliver on what we have said that we will.


Everything we do, and everything we produce is done to the highest standards. We are committed to continuing professional development and critically review the services we offer regularly. We are grateful for feedback regarding suggested improvements or additional services that could be of assistance.

Dignity and Respect

We understand the courage it takes to seek help, and the determination and persistence required to successfully lose weight. As such, we have an immediate and unshakeable respect for all of our patients.