Convenient Christmas Calorie Choices

POSTED BY admin | Dec 09, 2015 |

Its Christmas Eve, I haven’t eaten all day, I still have to finish the shopping, bake a ham, wrap the presents, remember not to strangle the kids and that chocolate covered doughnut looks so delicious right now… Look at how the light is gleaming off the delicate chocolate coating… I think I can hear it calling to me…

Higher levels of stress and fatigue and a lack of protective factors like routine and exercise, (so basically Christmas time) can influence cravings for high energy and particularly high sugar foods. That doughnut (or cake, or brownie, or cookie) isn’t just a sweet treat from your brain’s perspective. It is the reward that will trigger a dopamine rush that will leave you instantly feeling better about being you… for a little while at least.

So in the interests of preventing those sugar-fuelled blowouts, here are some tricks to stay ahead of your cravings:

  • Don’t skip meals. Even if it takes a little more time, the food you plan or prepare before you are STARVING hungry is likely to be healthier and more waistline friendly.
  • If you do have to shop, particularly for food, try and do it in the morning. Your resilience and willpower will be higher than later in the day.
  • If you’re starting to feel a little over-whelmed, Stop and Breathe. Deeply. Just for 10 seconds. This activates the regions of the brain that take care of logic, planning and thinking. In other words the part that tends to make the good decisions… particularly about chocolate covered doughnuts…

Any other clever hacks that you use to stay ahead of your cravings? Share them and earn the undying gratitude of the Christmas calorie conscious.


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