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Discover the Dale Health Weight Loss Difference

Today I lived feeling happy and content.

I felt confident and healthy and didn’t spend a moment wishing.

“if only…” I made the most of the small things and I enjoyed every moment.

I only have one life and I’m going to live it!

We’re Different to other Weight Loss Programs

The majority of available weight loss programs address just a single aspect of any individual’s weight loss problem.

Some address nutrition, some address exercise – very few focus on the root cause of a weight loss problem before proposing a weight loss solution.

Fewer still offer complete medical supervision to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their weight loss solutions.

Dale Health Weight Loss Programs are different because each program is:

These differences result in immediate, and often dramatic weight loss achieved in a totally safe and healthy way.

More importantly, the inclusion of ongoing support in all Dale Health weight loss programs ensures that once an initial weight loss target has been achieved, the weight stays off over the long term.

Weight Management Specialists

Dale Health is a medical clinic specialising in weight management. Our team understand that weight management is a complex process that involves a range of physiological and psychological factors, and that for many people, simple exercise and nutrition advice is not enough.

We know the impact that weight problems can have on a person’s health, confidence, relationships and general enjoyment of life – and the very great benefits that even small weight losses can bring.

Passionate & Committed Team

Our medical and allied health team works closely with our patients to fully understand the causes of their weight gain, and then custom design a program that enables each patient to successfully manage a healthy weight over the long term.

We’re passionate and committed to working with people to help them achieve their weight loss goals, no matter whether they’ve got just a few kilos to lose, or many.