Festive Feasting – Unhelpful Traditions

POSTED BY admin | Dec 09, 2015 |

Champagne, turkey, ham, mince pies, eggnog, more turkey, roast potatoes, another mince pie, undo the zip, more champagne, Christmas cake, have a nap, some more turkey and this time I might even have it with a mice pie… and where did the Christmas pudding go????

Sound familiar?

For many of us Christmas Day is one non-stop eating fest. Back the truck up, open our mouths as wide as we can, and just start eating!

While this might be a slight exaggeration, for many people Christmas means spending all day with family and friends, eating, drinking, eating some more…and then eating again… While this is an awesome time to spend with loved ones, the amount of food and calories that we consume is often much more than we would normally have and significantly more than we require.

Every day we make over 220 food related decisions, with more than 200 of these being made unconsciously. When we are surrounded by food on Christmas Day and are distracted by our family and friends, it is easy to over-eat and feel as though we should have worn some special, much larger, clothes for the occasion. To reduce the load of all those decisions this Christmas, here are a few tips:

  • Between meals instead of staying at the table or in the living room in where second helpings are in easy reach, go for a walk with your family or play with the kids and their new toys.
  • Reduce the amount and varieties of foods served and serve the same size portions as normal.
  • Fill up on water and healthy snacks.
  • Keep the idea of balance in the lead up to Christmas and post Christmas. Cut back on your intake in the days prior and up your exercise.

Christmas day calories tend to mount up quickly! This 25th (and in the days before and after!) what can you do to be more mindful of what, when and how much you choose to eat?


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