Handling Holidays – Staying Focused away from home

POSTED BY admin | Dec 09, 2015 |

For many of us, the Christmas period means holidays and travelling away from home. Holidays away are a wonderful way to rest, recuperate and break –up your normal routine. For many people, however, holidays are also synonymous with weight gain.

Did you know:

  • Two of the greatest contributors to weight gain are insufficient sleep and increased stress.

Because holidays are a time of rest and relaxation, contrary to popular belief, they are also the perfect opportunity to kick start your healthy living plan! Here are a few tips to

  • Avoid eating out for every meal. Where possible make some meals yourself and keep healthy snacks on hand – particularly if you are on a driving holiday.
  • Use foot or pedal power to explore and have adventures. Use the opportunity of not working to increase your general level of movement and activity.
  • Consider using a food and exercise diary or app to track your consumption and activity levels. Because you are out of your set routine it is easy to mindlessly snack.
  • Watch your alcohol consumption – this is often the cause of weight gain during holidays.

As tempting as it is to put off thoughts of diet, exercise and well-being until New Year’s resolution time, especially when you are away from home, there are changes you can start making now that will set you up for success in the New Year. What one commitment can you make in relation to diet, exercise, stress management or sleep routine that will help you keep your waistline in check this Christmas?


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