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Change the way you think about the factors that effect your weight


Sustained Weight Management is the Goal

Losing excess weight and returning to a healthy weight range is often just the beginning of a long term weight management process.

There are many generic weight loss programs available and some of these programs may well work, but most require substantial lifestyle changes that can be difficult to sustain long term.

At Dale Health, our aim is to help our patients rewire their brains so that maintaining a healthy weight becomes a totally natural part of their lifestyle.

Ongoing Weight Management Support

During the maintenance phase of our weight loss programs, contact with our clinic includes monthly individual sessions.

The goals of this phase are three fold:

  • Provide ongoing support to integrate new skills into our patient’s lives
  • Focus on any areas that may require improvement
  • Be able to respond quickly and effectively to any weight regain

Unfortunately, old habits can die hard…

It can take time and practice for new healthy habits to strengthen enough that they become a new way of life. Because of this, we provide ongoing medical, psychological and exercise support whilst new habits become ingrained and solid.

During this process there may be areas in which our patients believe they need to improve for their new behaviours and new ways of thinking to become lifetime habits. These often emerge when life circumstances change, and so this phase is designed to assist our patients to respond effectively.

Finally, we know that some of the causes of weight regain relate to physiological adaptation to weight loss. Basically, a body physically changes in such a way that regaining weight becomes easy.

Ongoing monthly sessions means that we can respond quickly and help make any adjustments necessary to nutrition or exercise programs to assist our patients to regain control.