Pre-Christmas Pitfalls: Fight, Flight and Festive Finances

POSTED BY admin | Dec 09, 2015 |


Christmas is expensive. We probably don’t really need to qualify that. Christmas finances can be a source of stress for many families. Lets face it, most credit cards take a bit of a beating through the year at the best of times, but Christmas can feel a little like a financial marathon!

As Christmas draws closer and credit card debt grows, our brain can kick into fight or flight mode and we begin to react to the threat this represents. When this happens it can be difficult not to think about money. Our brain keeps drawing our attention back to the looming threat, we feel less able to manage, more over-whelmed, less in control and much, much less festive.

Think back to last year for a moment. What do you remember most clearly about Christmas 2014? Was it how impressive the Christmas spread looked? How many presents were under the tree? How expensive the gifts you received were? Or was it the moments you shared with family, the emotions you experienced and the relationships you built? What holds the stronger place in your memory?

So what do you chose to focus on this Christmas? How will you shift focus off the material stuff and feelings of financial obligation? What memories, experiences and emotions will you, together with your friends and family, create for yourselves this year?


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