Santa Says Sleep Tight

POSTED BY admin | Dec 09, 2015 |

Remember what you were always taught as a child? Santa will not leave you presents if he finds you awake when he arrives at your house. He only give’s gifts to sleeping girls and boys!

This ‘must be asleep rule’ was one of the first global public health initiatives, designed to overcome the horror of a globe full of children (and adults) who are sleep deprived. When short on sleep (less than 6.5 hours), we:

  • Eat more
  • Store more fat – our metabolisms slow down
  • Have poor impulse control
  • Have lower willpower
  • Avoid exercise
  • Become irritable
  • Make poor decisions

As exciting as Christmas is, remain committed to getting sufficient sleep. Remember that the increased stress, social events, alcohol, and racing around will take their toll.

So in the interests of sleeping tight:

  • Take advantage of the nights you are not going out – go to bed even earlier than normal – the general increase in stress is fatiguing physiologically and psychologically, so extra sleep is a good thing!
  • Make sure your bed room is the right temperature and free from distractions
  • Move away from your devices at night! Screen time is stimulating for your brain and will make your sleep worse.

What changes can you make over the next few weeks to keep your sleep routine as normal as possible as Christmas draws closer and to make sure that the sleep you do get is good quality?


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