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Weight Loss Programs for Men


Effective Weight Management for Men

According to the Australian Health Survey: First results (2011-2012), men are more likely to be overweight than women, with 70.3% of men overweight or obese, compared to 56.2% of women.

Interestingly however, weight loss treatment programs are dominated by women, and in the main, designed specifically for women.

Weight related issues differ for men and women. Compared to women, most men:

  • store their weight differently
  • have different nutritional requirements
  • have a different relationship with food and exercise
  • generally experience different contributing factors to their weight problems
  • need a different approach to help them lose the weight and keep it off

We have Extensive Experience Working with Men with Weight Problems

At Dale Health we have extensive experience working in the resources and construction industries, which are largely male dominated environments. This means that we have lots of experience working with men specifically – we understand what drives their weight problems, and what strategies are effective in helping them achieve their goals.

Moreover, simply because every Dale Health weight loss program is based on an initial assessment before a program is custom designed for each patient, it is not so much gender that we focus on, but the needs of each individual – male or female.

At Dale Health, any overweight man has access to an effective weight loss program that takes into account specific male physiology, psychology, behavioural patterns and associated health issues and risks.

Beer Gut? What Beer Gut?

Unfortunately many overweight men don’t recognise their weight, or ‘beer gut’ as being a problem, with around 44% perceiving themselves as being an ‘acceptable weight’, when they are in fact overweight.

But being male and overweight increases the likelihood of many lifestyle problems such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and sleep apnoea, many of which are preventable via healthy eating and exercise.

Weight around the abdomen – the apple shape or beer gut which is typical of where men store their excess weight – puts men at greater risk of heart disease, diabetes and other significant health concerns, than people who store excess weight around their hips and thighs (more often women).

Abdominal fat puts more pressure on internal organs, and is much more metabolically active than weight on hips and thighs as it enters the main circulation far more quickly, raising both cholesterol levels and/or blood sugars and damaging organs (such as the liver and heart).

On the plus side, many men find that they are able to shift excess weight relatively easily and quickly – and that small changes can make a dramatic impact to their overall health profile.

Give it a Go Today!

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